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Teddie Joe Snodgrass, RN, MBA, MSN
Critical Care Nursing Services


Teddie Joe Snodgrass, RN, Inc.
P.O. Box 29600
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96820

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From: Teddie (Joe) Snodgrass, RN, MBA, MSN
Re: Reciprocal Link Program




Have Nurse - Will Travel Reciprocal Links

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  Unlike other Reciprocal Link Programs, www.Have-Nurse-Will-Travel.com YOU the power to determine how your web page links will be listed.  www.Have-Nurse-Will-Travel.com uses the title, description, and page text found on your web page as the title and description in your listing.

When you submit a web page to www.Have-Nurse-Will-Travel.com , it will be put on the list of web pages to be evaluated by our editors, who will gather a image of your web page as well as the title, description, and keywords.

After your web page is evaluated, you will receive an email  which will contain your web page listing information.  If your web page is already in our listings, it will be scheduled to be re-evaluated. Entering comments is optional.  Category, country, and postal information is optional as well, though only listings that contain this information can be included in appropriate reciprocal link directory.  

Please only submit 1 time per day, additional submissions may be rejected.

Note: We are seeing an increase of URL's that are being submitted under irrelevant categories and countries.  If we find URL's submitted with improper information, we will remove all listings that you have submitted, even if the other listings have correct information.  Please only submit your URL's with accurate information.

Also note: www.Have-Nurse-Will-Travel.com will only accept submissions that are suitable for viewing by all ages (no adult sites).  www.Have-Nurse-Will-Travel.com does not list all web pages submitted to us. 

Special Note: Please note that you have only 10 days to post our link on your website as prearranged. After the 10 days, if our staff determines that you have not posted our reciprocal link as indicated, your link will be removed until such time our link is posted. Please do not waste our time if you do not intend to fulfill your end by taking down our link. We do periodically check to see if our links are still active. 

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